Mai 2020 NEWS I co-founded FIELD 🔹🔷.

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September 2017 OLD NEWS I do freelance work - Hire me for product thinking sessions, workshop facilitation and design management. You'll find my latest activity on

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September 2012 OLDER NEWS I joined Christophe and Johannes as partner at precious design studio. You'll find my latest activity on

Below are projects I created between 2009 and 2012.

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My name is Michael Schieben. I'm a 29 year old programmer, who lives and works in Hamburg, Germany. Call me a Creative Technologist who works for precious, one of former Two Antennas or co-founder of listgeeks.

This website shows my art projects, my work as creative coder & related experiments.

On the right: a collage of old avatar images from several social-media platforms. You'll find me on delicious, twitter, vimeo, flickr, listgeeks, github and tumblr.


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Phone: +49 1512 4 13 95 69

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delicious, twitter, vimeo, flickr, listgeeks, github and tumblr

Open Mouse


UPCOMING 21st September 2012
Reeperbahn Festival Campus

Microwork, Mensch und Algorithmen

2012 Work In Progress, Kampnagel
Info | Protokoll

Über Lebenskunst Klub

1. Halbjahr 2011, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin
Protokolle und Zeitraffer-Videos


Making the Web Beautiful

The Google Font Experience For Any Website

Shy Cam

Face-Detection, Arduino, a servo: A Camera That Tries To Avoid Filming People

Processing.js on iPhone

2009. Some modfications to run John Resigs processing.js in Safari on the iPhone

Other Projects

Max Clement Movement

"Ressource, Baby! Eine Revue über Nutzen, Brauchen und Handeln."
Kampnagel Sommerfestival 2011

Unlogo by Jeff Crouse

Server-side programming
at Eyebeam NYC

Tocotronic - Schall und Wand

Public Video-Installation with Processing and Box2D

Data-Visualization: #climatedata

Monthly average temperature values from 1704 till today measured on more than 1500 stations worldwide

Enjoy Surveillance
Everybody loves a clown

Processing, OpenCV, my first steps on face-detection, source-code included

Finance Crisis

Data-Based Video Manipulation. How fall of stocks changes expression.



2012 Amsterdam. The bigger the better project

Double A-Side

Cannes. Soundcloud based music player with strong physical experience (for iPhone)


Amsterdam. Data-Visualization, based on Echonest API.

My City vs. Your City

Stockholm. What people listen to in My City vs. Your City, based on API.


CDM Tangible Interface Hackday 2009 A OSC based controller out of bottles and a crate.



We (precious + two antennas) created a twitter mashup in one day. Watch the Making of tweetwrappr Video and read the related articles by Johannes from precious (2)

Delicious Network Explorer

2006. Interactive application that visualizes relations between delicious users. Go there, or read what other people say.