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September 2017 OLD NEWS I do freelance work - Hire me for product thinking sessions, workshop facilitation and design management. You'll find my latest activity on

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September 2012 OLDER NEWS I joined Christophe and Johannes as partner at precious design studio. You'll find my latest activity on

Below are projects I created between 2009 and 2012.

Webservice For Face-Detection Based Image Manipulation

2009. Monkeyfy is a public webservice for face-detection based image manipulation. Faces in images found on the web are replaced with monkey-heads. Try it yourself on See monkeyfied images in the gallery.

Monkeyfy Is
Other Replacements

I created a few other scripts, that replace the original faces with: Seth Godins bald, Jeffry Zeldmans wooly hat, Sascha Lobos mohawk, Mike Skinners face, Zensursulas Stopp Sign and items from the face replaced group.

Seleceted Pieces

Classic Monkeyfy (on twitpic)

Monkey Lisa (on twitpic)

Fettes Brot, Lobofy (on twitpic)

Zeldmanfy (on twitpic)