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Below are projects I created between 2009 and 2012.

Making The Web Beautiful!

The Google Font Experience For Any Website

2010. In May 2010 Google opened its font directory. All fonts in the directory are available for use on your website under an open source license and served by Google servers. The company created the Font API that makes it easy to add web fonts to any web page you own. They advertised their API with an example text saying "Making the web beautiful" written in a font called "Tangerine" (see screenshot below).

I created a bookmarklet to beautify foreign web pages! Drag the link to you bookmarkbar in the browser and click it on any webpage!

Add your beautiful screenshots to the Making the Web Beautiful flickr group

Selected Pages, beautified:

Making the Web Beautiful - Google example

Google beautified

NY Times beautified beautified

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Making the Web Beautiful!