Mai 2020 NEWS I co-founded FIELD 🔹🔷.

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September 2017 OLD NEWS I do freelance work - Hire me for product thinking sessions, workshop facilitation and design management. You'll find my latest activity on

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September 2012 OLDER NEWS I joined Christophe and Johannes as partner at precious design studio. You'll find my latest activity on

Below are projects I created between 2009 and 2012.

Low Res Media Facade

25 VGA Monitors as 5x5 pixel matrix.
Dockville 2010

The Low Res Media Facade is part of "Machine Eins", a mind-changing walk-in installation at Dockville Music and Art-Festival 2010.

Making Of

A photoset on flickr

Thank You

Hakan Bal & Jonathan Gröne
Built with Arduino and Processing.


Michael Schieben