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Below are projects I created between 2009 and 2012.

Browsing In May

In May 2009 I visited 3252 websites.
I captured every single site and saved the date of my visit.

2009. Browsing In May is a series of 3252 artworks. Through a bug in Safari 4 Beta all websites I visited where captured in full resolution and saved on my harddrive. I took this images to analyse my browsing.

I wrote a software that processed all images to make them inimitable. The visualization of the time of my visit became an important part of the final artpiece. I created a time-lapse video and the website where I present a hand picked selection of the visited websites.

Each single artwork is available only once as single-copy. The artwork consists of the image (as shown on this website) as 48x60cm (18.89x23.62inch) photoprint on alu dibond, a 4-color print of the original unpixeled screen-capture of the website and a certificate signed by me saying "I hereby certify that i've visited the website at the specified time."

#self-surveillance #data-vis #time-lapse

How the date of my visit is encoded in each artwork

This artwork is titled "#2896 Grid Layout"

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Timelapse video, all artworks:

build with processing


I played around a lot, to figure out how to pixelate the screenshots. Visit flickr for some footage material.